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Duluth, MN Environmental Site Assessment

Limit your liability and protect your real-estate investment  with an Environmental Site Assessment by Environmental Troubleshooters of Duluth, MN.


An ESA uses a phased approach to determine whether potential or actual environmental contamination exists on property, or if environmental concerns are unlikely.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

  • Environmental Record review (environmental release, violation and hazardous waste storage records, etc.)

  • Historical site information-gathering ( aerial photos, fire maps, city directory, etc. )

  • Walk-through assessments of site and adjacent properties

  • Interviews with people knowledgeable about current / past conditions

  • Review site closed records

  • Report with recommendations

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

  • Map residual contaminant plumes and overlay the extent of the contamination relative to the proposed development plan

  • Obtain regulatory assurances

  • Sample collection / testing / soil borings as required

  • Report outlining any environmental hazards


Our company has served Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Midwest since 1995. Please call us to see how we may help you avoid potential environmental – and economic – hazards.

Our Environmental Site Assessment Services Include:

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Environmental Troubleshooters, Inc.

Environmental Troubleshooters ESA’s provide a thorough review of the property and provide vital protection from liability for property owners, buyers and financial institutions. Our ESA’s are conducted in accordance with standards established by the ASTM ( American Society for Testing

and Materials ).


ET is a service-oriented, experienced team of scientists and environmental professionals. Our goal is to help you determine and contain environmental risk at the lowest possible cost.