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Duluth, MN Brownfields Redevelopment

For Brownfields services that redevelops contaminated or blighted property, contact Environmental Troubleshooters, Inc.


ET provides Brownfields redevelopment services throughout the Upper Midwest.


Brownfields are properties that are contaminated or have the stigma of being contaminated. However the environmental conditions at many of these sites may not be as contaminated as most people believe, and the brownfield’s stigma attached to these sites may be due more to the lack of curb appeal rather than real environmental concerns.


There are unique challenges to redeveloping most brownfield sites, but the primary challenge is complying with environmental regulations, while running an efficient construction site. To assist developers with the costs of complying with these environmental regulations and to remediate past waste disposal problems, State and Federal funding is available, which covers:

  • Communicating with regulatory personal to obtain project approval, document review, regulatory assistance and liability assurances from the Environmental Protection Agency and the State Agency.

  • Performing a Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) to obtain a history or background of the site and to determine what and where potential environmental conditions may exist on the property.

  • Collecting Phase II ESA samples to confirm if contamination is present and to determine the degree and extent of the contamination.

  • Designing a development remedial action plan (DRAP) to review site development plans in relation to the areas of contamination, determining the amount of contamination that may be uncovered during construction activities, outlining remedial options and providing potential on-site contamination treatment/disposal locations.

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The benefit to the community by redeveloping brownfields properties is the reduction of neighborhood blight, increase to the tax base, stimulation of redevelopment to the surrounding area and a reduction of the development of greenfields (undeveloped sites). Redeveloping brownfields property is the pinnacle of recycling and reuse.

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