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Complete on-site emergency response

Duluth, MN Environmental Emergency Response

For environmental emergency response that limits risk, costs and environmental impact, call Environmental Troubleshooters, Inc. of Duluth, MN.


ET provides 24-hour emergency response in the event of a petroleum spill or chemical release.


Our response mobilizes a team of qualified professionals using state-of-the-art equipment to assess and contain the release, recover the free petroleum or chemical product, and excavate any saturated soil.


If you are faced with an environmental emergency – or developing an environmental response plan – our team of qualified professionals will be glad to assist you with a variety of innovative response approaches and treatment options.

• Complete on-site

  emergency response

• Petroleum and chemical

  spill containment

• Hazardous product recovery

• Environmental testing services

ET’s Environmental Emergency Response Services Provide:

ET’s environmental cleanup team respond quickly with proven-performance and solutions that let you get on top of your environmental problem.


Contact Environmental Troubleshooters, Inc. today for all of your Duluth, MN environmental emergency response needs.

Duluth 218-722-6013

Eveleth 218-744-0128

• Soil excavation and removal

• State-of-the-art cleanup technology

• Vapor mitigation

• On-site treatment of

  contaminated  soil

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