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Duluth, MN Environmental Investigation And Remediation

A reliable environmental investigation or environmental remediation requires the kind of experience and detailed technical knowledge provided by Environmental Troubleshooters, Inc. of Duluth, MN.


ET’s team of chemists, geologists and other environmental professionals is expert in geology, hydrology and geotechnical engineering for environmental studies and remedial measures.


We have completed numerous environmental studies and implemented remedial measures throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin and other Midwestern states since we began in 1995.


When you need accurate environmental information and cost-efficient site remediation plans, be sure to call us. ET is your source for comprehensive environmental site solutions.

• Geology / Hydrology Investigation

- Soil sampling and classification

- Geologic surface mapping / surveying

- Plume mapping

- Monitoring well installation

- Groundwater sampling

- Hydraulic conductivity measurements

Our Environmental Investigation Services Include:

• Environmental / Geotechnical Remediation

- Remedial pilot system testing

- Remedial system installation / operation

- Product recovery and multi-phase extraction

- Soil vapor extraction and air sparging

- Oxygen Release Compound ( ORC ) injection

- Subsurface characterization

Our Remediation Services Include:

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Environmental Troubleshooters, Inc.

When a leak or spill has occurred, ET has remediation experience to select the appropriate site-specific cleanup technology. For more complex projects, ET is experienced in choosing the most cost effective and expeditious method of site clean up. ET will thoroughly evaluate site parameters to develop multiple methods of remediation and subsequently offer recommendation options based on technical and budgetary constraints. This allows you to select the remedial option of your choice.


In some cases remedial systems are the most effective cleanup technology.  ET has conducts pilot tests to evaluate the most effective system technologies. ET has experience with multi-phase extraction, soil vapor extraction, air sparging, bioventing, and many other technologies. We optimize our system design using advanced computer modeling.


ET also has experience with injecting various bioremediation compounds and solutions to naturally stimulate occurring microbes in the soil without removing the soil. This technology works well in remote locations, under building or tank farms and in soils with low permeability.


ET does not only provide the consulting, but remediation contracting. We have skilled technician that can testing, installing, and operating in-site systems. We also perform remedial injections, excavations and soil treatment in-house.

Environmental Troubleshooters also provides rapid environmental emergency response. Call us at any hour and our experienced crews will help you limit risk, costs and environmental damage.